Laser fibres

Disposable and reusable surgical laser fibres

Durability and sureness of laser fibres gains increasing attention with respect to patient safety and endoscope integrity.

With the required competence in optical engineering and laser technology on board LISA Laser Products is in the position to develop and supply laser fibre delivery systems matching with the LISA high performance continuous wave and pulsed emission mode surgical lasers.

LISA’s wide range of fibre sizes covers the full range for rigid and flexible laser applications. 


New flexible fibre product:

SureFib is a new line of products for flexible lithotripsy.

  • The new fibre material has improved confinement properties for high peak power laser pulses even at a bend radius of 15 mm.
  • The spherical GlideTipTM prevents damage to the working channel when inserting the SureFib-SU laser fibre into a flexible ureterorenoscope.

These features support the use of SureFib-SU for flexible uereterorenoscopy. 

English brochure:  SureFib-SU/ LithoFib-SU, flexible laser fibre with spherical tip

English brochure:  Laser fibres

Spanish brochure: SureFib-SU

Spanish brochure: Laser fibras